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Our kittens have been raised literally "under feet" in our happy and loving home.

We love to treat them like Little Royalties. They get the best of everything - the best food, the best medical care, the best litter (and this is important for a cats' health too), the best toys(!), scratching tools and sleeping beds (very-very important for any cat as you know), and a lot of attention and love. That's why we are striving for finding the best homes for our precious babies. We want to make sure that our cats and kittens are treated as if they were at our home - with great respect and immense love. No wonder that all our cats display very happy attitude toward life and people, and are very content and loving. At a very young age Tonks start to indicate prominent intelligence and great deal of curiosity about life and surroundings. They are fun to be with and a joy to have them as companions and devoted friends.

We vaccinate our kittens on a schedule, and provide our buyers with a future vaccination plan. We also provide suggestions on feeding and supplements as well as recommendations on cat wellness (for instance, the kind of treats to use for gum disease prevention).

For the benefits of your purring companion(s) we gladly present you with some useful links:

FOOD & SUPPLEMENTS - Food and Supplements For Our Cats

DENTAL TREATS - gum disease prevention: CET Chews For cats

LITTER - The Best World's Litter

I also use Aloe Vera Barbadensis based products to maintain my cats well being:

#015 Forever Aloe Vera Gel - to clean and maintain healthy immune and digestive system and for entire body vitality overall

#376 Forever Arctic Sea - has Super Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oils

#030 Aloe Veterinary formula - to keep the coat moisture and splash, helps to get rig of static on a fur during the dry/cold weather as well

#027 Forever Bee Propolis - given to my older cats on a regular basis and especially if any health issues

#040 Aloe First - soothes skin irritation, itching and heals minor burns and scratches

And for those of you who would like to learn more about Tonks there are some interesting links out there:

Tonkinese Breed-FAQ

Tonkinese Breed Association

Tonkinese FBRL Breed Page


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