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We raise our cats with tremendous care and love in our home. We want our babies to get the best living conditions after they leave our house. That's why we strive to place our precious kitties to the best homes possible with the best people.

All our buyers are successful professionals at present or in the past that have a natural devotion and love for cats and treat them with respect and exceptional care. These are the group of exquisite people thoroughly interviewed and carefully selected.

We rarely make mistakes in choosing the future parents for our kitties and here is the outcome:

Kimberly's got King Lou - Natural Point male - at age of 9 month. Soon after she's got an allergy that she previously had with her other cat. Since she was taking medicine, she could live with her older cat comfortably. King Lou brought new kind of allergy that the pills could not ease. We've arranged that the cat could stay with Kim for another couple months and she tries to work something out and then the kitty goes back to my home, and only to my. Unlimited visitations were guaranteed to Kim and her family. Soon enough Kim and her doctor came up with new medicine that worked wonders on her allergy. Kim was overjoyed! Her wonderful mother was overjoyed and her two sons were very much delighted. And King stayed with the loving and devoted family for the rest of his life. Here goes The Award For The Best Owner Of Year 2006-to Kim and her beautiful family!

We would like to send a great THANK to all our buyers (also those who were not mentioned on this page as per of lack of space) for staying in touch with us on a regular basis and making us happy by sending pictures and updates on your furry babies.

We feel very lucky to have you all in our lives and are very-very happy for our kitties to find YOUR homes to be loved and cherished there!


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